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  • Page 1
    Alcatel OmniPCX Office Alcatel 4028/4029…
  • Page 3: User Manual

    User manual Introduction How to use this guide Thank you for choosing a 4028/4029 telephone manufactured by Alcatel. Your 4028 (IP) or 4029 (digital) terminal has a new ergonomic layout for more effective communication. Actions Keypad Lift the receiver. Numeric keypad.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting to know your telephone ……. . p.6 Keep in touch……….p.20 Description of the screens .

  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Telephone

    Getting to know your telephone Display and display keys Contains several lines and pages providing information on calls and the functions accessible via the 6 keys associated with the words on the screen. Transfer icon: pressing the key next to this icon allows you to program or change the transfer function. Indicator light •…

  • Page 7: Description Of The Screens

    Description of the screens Perso page: contains call line keys (allowing supervision of calls) and programmable call keys. The up-down navigator is used to access all the direct call keys (apart from those displayed by default). Direct call keys are programmed or Welcome screens modified via the Information key.

  • Page 8: Call Management Screen

    Description of the screens Call management screen Application screen Date Incoming call icon Time and status icon Date Application name Time and status icon Call holding icon Call in progress icon Application screen Incoming call presenta- tion screen. This screen is temporarily displayed when a Events screen call arrives and shows the…

  • Page 9: Using Your Telephone

    Using your telephone Making a call Receiving a call Paul is calling dial directly lift the number lift the hands free press the key next to the the number receiver required receiver ‘incoming call’ icon for your call Using the telephone in ‘Hands free’ mode Terminal idle: hands free number…

  • Page 10: Activating The Loudspeaker During A Conversation (Receiver Lifted)

    Using your telephone If name is not OK: Activating the loudspeaker during a conversation (receiver lifted) — Loudspeaker 1stname extend search in erase last letter show next name list entered the loudspeaker key flashes Paul in conversation during a activate loudspeaker conversation (long press) show previous…

  • Page 11: Filtering Calls Using The Voice Mailbox

    Using your telephone Call back on the last 10 number dialled: Filtering calls using the voice mailbox 10:30 RedialLst This service lets you filter incoming calls to your voice mailbox. When your caller leaves his message you can choose to communicate with him.

  • Page 12: Mute, So That Your Correspondent Cannot Hear You

    Using your telephone Sending DTMF signals 2.12 During a conversation you sometimes have to send DTMF signals, such as with a voice server, an automated attendant or a remotely consulted answering machine. ¤MFcode Paul in conversation during a to activate conversation The function is automatically cancelled when you hang up.

  • Page 13: Making A Second Call During A Conversation

    During a conversation Making a second call during a conversation Answering a second call during a conversation A second correspondent is trying to call you: New call Paul in conversation Paul Paul is calling during a number of in conversation conversation second during a…

  • Page 14: Transferring A Call

    During a conversation After the conference, to leave your two correspondents talking together: Transferring a call ×Conf Transfer To transfer your call to another number: cancel the conference Paul John in conversation in conversation Placing a call on hold (hold) during a no.

  • Page 15: Placing An Outside Call On Hold (Parking)

    During a conversation Placing an outside call on hold (parking) Store a number You can place an outside call on hold and recover the call on another telephone: During a call, to save the number onto a call key: Park SaveToRep Paul Paul…

  • Page 16: Sharing

    Sharing Receiving supervised call ringing Call pick-up To receive the special ringing for calls to another number: You hear a telephone ringing in an office where no-one can answer. If authorised, you can answer the call on your own telephone. If the telephone ringing is in your own pick-up group: “Supervised call same key to cancel…

  • Page 17: Answering Briefly In Place Of The Operator

    Sharing Answering briefly in place of the operator Calling an internal correspondent on his/her pager Outside calls to the operator will ring on your telephone and you can answer the call: The number called does not answer and you know that the person called has a pager: your telephone will ring at the same time as the switchboard Paul…

  • Page 18: Sending A Written Message To An Internal Correspondent

    Sharing Sending a written message to an internal correspondent Send a voice message copy 4.10 4.11 Text Voice Consult display number of new and old messages number to be enter the first letters of personal code called the name Predefined message: Sendcopy Text Mail Gotomsg…

  • Page 19: Sending A Recorded Message To A Number / A Distribution List

    Sharing Sending a recorded message to a number / a distribution list 4.12 Voice Sendmsg personal code correspondent’s name other correspondents apply correspondent’ s no. or list no. or list name if necessary (00 to 50) (00 to 50) Voice mail Record Ready to record start message recording…

  • Page 20: Keep In Touch

    Keep in touch Selecting calls to be diverted Diverting your calls to your voice message service When a diversion is applied, you can select the types of call to be diverted: outside, internal, all. Immed»VM diversion is acknowledged Forward Ext/int Div: Ext/Loc select the type of Out/Int call type of call diverted…

  • Page 21: Activate/Disable The Personal Assistant

    Keep in touch Activate/disable the personal assistant Forwarding your calls from the receiving terminal (“Follow me”) You wish to receive your calls in your present location: Use the “Follow me” function. Settings 10:30 Settings Assistant Assistant : OFF Follow-me reach the ‘Menu’ page your extension number…

  • Page 22: Cancelling All Diversions

    Keep in touch Cancelling all diversions Do not disturb 5.11 5.14 You can make your terminal temporarily unavailable for all calls. Cancfwd programme another type of diversion diversion is acknowledged ‘cancel all diversions’ programmed key ‘do not disturb’ programmed key Cancelling a specific diversion 5.12 Callers wishing to contact you will see the ‘Do Not Disturb’ message displayed on their…

  • Page 23: Consulting Written Messages

    Keep in touch The 27 standard messages are shown below: Call me back 15 Meeting on ___ (*) Message notification Call me back tomorrow 16 Meeting on ___ at _:_ (*) 5.17 Call me back at _:_ (*) 17 Out for a while Call back _____ (*) 18 Absent for the rest of the day A message is left in your mailbox but you are not at your desk.

  • Page 24: Managing Your Charges

    Managing your charges At the end of the call, you are called back and you can: Charging your calls directly to business accounts 1. Read information concerning call (cost, duration, number of units…). name of internal user and cost of You can charge the cost of your outside calls to business account numbers.

  • Page 25: Programming Your Telephone

    Programming your telephone Initializing your voice mailbox Modifying your personal code Your personal code is used to access your voice mailbox and to lock your telephone. enter your personal code then record light flashes your name according to voice guide instructions 10:30 Settings…

  • Page 26: Adjusting Screen Brightness

    Programming your telephone Activate/deactivate silent mode: Selecting the welcome page Silent This function is used to choose the page displayed by default on the telephone. to activate to deactivate apply your choice 10:30 Settings My options Homepage Activate/disable meeting mode (progressive ringing): Progress.

  • Page 27: Programming Direct Call Keys

    Programming your telephone To cancel your reminder request: Programming direct call keys (F1 and F2 keys) 10:30 Appointmt Choice Clear reach the ‘Menu’ select the type of Name page appointment (temporary or permanent) press a programmable enter the name key (F1 or F2) Identify the terminal you are on 7.11 Number…

  • Page 28: Configuring The Audio Jack Of Your Telephone

    Programming your telephone Configuring the audio jack of your telephone 7.14 By default, the audio jack of your telephone can be used to connect a headset, hands free kit or loudspeaker. 10:30 Settings My Phone Jack reach the ‘Menu’ page Headset Handsfree Ldspeaker…

  • Page 29: Guarantee And Clauses

    Declaration of compliance EC: We, Alcatel Business Systems, hereby declare that we assume the Alcatel 4028/4029 product to be compliant with the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/CE of the European Parliament and Council. A copy of the original of this declaration of compliance can be obtained from your installer.

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Customize your terminal

The customization functions of the telephone are accessed from the Menu page.

Modifying your personal code Lock / unlock your telephone Adjusting the audio functions Adjusting screen brightnessreach the ‘menu


follow informations displayed on the screenreach the ‘menu


depending the displayed informations, enter your password or confirmyour telephone is locked/unlockedreach the ‘menu


adjust ringing (melody, volume, mode,…) by following instructions displayed on the screenreach the ‘menu


increase or decrease the contrast












ab c










NOEADGR060-000NOEADGR040-040NOEADGR040-050NOEADGR010-055NOEADGR010-056AA Page 3 Jeudi, 5. juillet 2007 3:58 15


Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4028 Phone / 4029 Digital Phone

Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4028HandsetSocket for connecting headphones or a Hands-free / Loudspeaker unit

Audio keysHang-up key: to terminate a call.Hands-free/Loudspeaker Key: to make or answer a call without lifting the receiver.• lit in hands-free mode or headset mode (short press).flashing in loudspeaker mode (long press).Intercom/Mute key:• During a conversation: press this key so that your correspondent can no longer hear you.

Terminal idle: press this key to answer calls automatically

without picking up the receiver.To adjust the loudspeaker or handset volume up or down

Extension unitAn extension unit can be fitted to your tele-phone. This provides additional keys which can be configured as function keys, line keys, call keys etc.To affix labels: push the holding strip of the unit backwards to you and lift it. Install the la-bel under the keypad, in the housing designed for, and place the keypad back into position.


flashing green: incoming callflashing orange: alarmAlphabetic keypad

Display and display keys

Contains several lines and pages providing information on calls and the functions accessible via the 6

keys associated with the words on the screen.Transfer icon: pressing the key next to this icon allows you to program or change the transfer function.Headset connected. Appointment programmed.Silent mode activated. Telephone locked.Display keys: pressing a display key activates the function shown associated with it on the screen.


Welcome screensOK key: used to validate your choices and options while programming or configu-ring.Left-right navigator: used to move from one page to another.Up-down navigator: used to scroll through the content of a page.Back/Exit key: to return to previous menu (short press) or return to first screen (long press) ; during a conversation, provides access to welcome screens (Menu, In-fo,…) and to return to the conversation icon screens.Menu page: : contains all functions and applications ac-cessible via the keys associated with the words on the screen.Perso page: : contains call line keys (allowing supervi-sion of calls) and programmable call keys.Info page: : contains information on the telephone and the status of its functions: name, telephone number, number of messages, activation of transfer function, appointment reminder, etc.

Call displayIncoming call.Call in progress or outgoing call.Call on hold*.If you get two calls at the same time, you can switch from one call to the other by pressing the display key associated with each call.Left-right navigator: used to check calls.

Function keys and programmable keysGuide key: used to obtain information on functions of the ‘menu’ page and to program key of the ‘perso’ page.Messaging key to access various mail servicesIf the key flashes, a new voice message or a new text message has been received.’Redial’ key : To access the ‘Redial’ function


Programmable key (F1 and F2 keys)Lit when the function associated with the key is activated.Adjust the tilt of the screenTo avoid accidentally damaging the set telephone line connector, make sure you position the cord correctly in the compartment intended for this purpose.


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