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Духовой шкаф AEG KSR892220M

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Духовой шкаф AEG BER455120B

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Духовой шкаф AEG BEM455120M

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Духовой шкаф AEG BER451110B

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Духовой шкаф AEG BCR546350B

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Духовой шкаф с СВЧ CombiQuick AEG KMK768080M

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Духовой шкаф AEG BES331111M

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Духовой шкаф AEG BER352110M

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Компактный духовой шкаф AEG KMK968000T

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Духовой шкаф AEG BSK999330M

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Встроенный электрический духовой шкаф

Инструкция по эксплуатации

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The Built-in Pyrolitic oven

Operating Instructions


Related Manuals for AEG COMPETENCE B4140-1

Summary of Contents for AEG COMPETENCE B4140-1

  • Page 1
    COMPETENCE B4140-1 The Built-in Pyrolitic oven Operating Instructions…
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear Customer, Please read these operating instructions carefully. In particular please note the «Safety»“ section on the first pages. Please retain these operating instructions for later reference and pass them on to any future owners of the appliance. The warning triangle and/or key words (Warning!, Caution!, Important!) highlight information that is important for your safety or the function of the appliance.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Instructions ……….Disposal .

  • Page 4
    Cleaning and Care ……….41 Exterior of the Appliance .
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Where damage occurs the warranty will not apply if this instruction has not been adhered to. The safety features of AEG electrical appliances comply with recognised technical standards and the German law covering equipment safety. However, as manufacturers we also believe it is our responsibility to fa- miliarise you with the following safety instructions.

  • Page 6: Intended Use

    Intended Use • This appliance is intended to be used for cooking, frying and baking food in the home and must not be used for any other purpose. • Only use the appliance to prepare food. • Do not use the oven as a room heater. To Avoid Damaging Your Appliance •…

  • Page 7: Disposal

    • You can obtain information about collection dates or public refuse disposal sites from your local refuse department or council. • You can also take the appliance to your AEG dealer; they will dispose of it for you for a small contribution towards the costs.

  • Page 8: Appliance Assembly

    Appliance Assembly Control Panel The appliance is fitted with push-in rotary switches. Oven functions and function display Switch for setting the required oven function. The selected oven function is displayed in the oven function display. Temperature selection and temperature display Switch for setting the required oven temperature.

  • Page 9: Clock Functions

    Clock Functions Your appliance has a programmable clock by which you can see the time, use the countdown timer as an «egg-timer“ or set baking and roasting times using the automatic functions. Time The current time is shown in the display window provided no other clock function has been selected.

  • Page 10: Oven Features

    Oven Features Shelf positions There is a shelf support rail on both sides of the oven, with 5 shelf posi- tions on which to insert the acces- sories. Anti-tip device All slide-in units are fitted with an anti-tip device to prevent them be- ing pulled out of the oven uninten- tionally.

  • Page 11: Oven Accessories

    Oven steam vent Steam from the oven is fed out below the door handle. Relates only to appliances with a metal front: Steam from the oven is fed out between the upper door edge and the control panel. Fan run-on The fan switches on automatically as soon as the oven is switched on.

  • Page 12: Oven Functions

    Oven Functions The oven has the following functions: S Pizza & baking This is the best function for baking cakes on one level. It is also suitable for baking foods that need to be more strongly crisped or browned un- derneath.

  • Page 13: Bottom Heat

    F Grill Grilling is particularly suitable for grilling or toasting flat foods, such as steaks, escalopes, fish or toast. The heat is supplied from the grill element on the oven ceiling. Ü Bottom heat You can use this oven function to crisp and brown bread, cakes (e.g., moist cakes) and pastries from below.

  • Page 14: Before Using For The First Time

    Before Using for the First Time Initial Cleaning Before using the oven for the first time you should clean it thoroughly. You can switch on the oven light to make cleaning easier. 1. Turn the oven function switch to Oven Lighting . 2.

  • Page 15: Set The Time

    Set the Time The oven will only operate when the time has been set. When the power supply is switched on, or after a power failure, the function indicator flashes on the clock display D. 1. Using buttons + or — set the cur- rent time.

  • Page 16: Resetting The Time

    Resetting the Time Press button b until the function indicator flashes on the clock display D . 3. Using buttons + or — set the cur- rent time. 4. Wait for 5 seconds. The flashing will stop and the set time will be displayed in the display window.

  • Page 17: Using The Oven

    Using the Oven Inserting/Removing the Fat Filter Always insert the fat filter when roasting uncovered on a shelf unit, on the fat tray, or in an uncovered roasting dish. Inserting the fat filter Holding the fat filter by the tab, in- sert the two retainers into the opening on the rear wall of the oven (fan opening) from the top…

  • Page 18: Positioning The Shelf Unit And The Universal Baking Tray

    Positioning the Shelf Unit and the Universal Baking Tray All slide-in units have a small bulge on the left and right. This bulge serves as an anti-tip device and must always point downwards. Inserting shelf unit Insert the shelf unit with both guide rails pointing upwards.

  • Page 19: Switching The Oven On And Off

    Switching the Oven On and Off 1. To use, push both the «oven functions“ and «temperature selection“ switches in turn. The switches will pop out. 2. Set the required function by turning the «oven functions“ switch. The symbol for the selected function will appear in the function display. 3.

  • Page 20: Oven Safety Cut-Out

    Oven safety cut-out If not switched off after a certain time, or the temperature is not changed, the oven switches off automatically. The red temperature indicator light flashes. The oven switches off at temperatures of: 30 — 120° C after 12.5 hours 120 — 200°…

  • Page 21: Using The Automatic Function

    Using the Automatic Function The required oven function and temperature can be selected before or after setting the automatic function. You can select the following functions: Cook time < Using the cook time < function you can set the time for which the oven is required to operate.

  • Page 22
    End time > Using the end time function > you can set the oven to switch off au- tomatically. 1. Keep pressing the button ] until the end time function indicator > flashes. 2. Using the + or — buttons set the time at which you require the oven to switch off.
  • Page 23
    Cook time < and end time > combined Cook time < and end time > can be used simultaneously if the oven is required to switch on and off automatically at a later time . 1. Using the cook time function < set the time for which the dish is requi- red to cook.
  • Page 24: Countdown

    Countdown At the end of the countdown ] an acoustic signal will sound. 1. Keep pressing button ] until the countdown function indicator ] flashes. 2. Using buttons + or — set the re- quired countdown. (Max. 2 hours and 30 minutes.) 3.

  • Page 25: Uses, Tables And Tips

    Uses, Tables and Tips Baking When baking use the pizza & baking S, fan cooking U or conventional O oven function. Important! Do not use a fat filter when baking! Cake tins • When baking with conventional O coated baking tins and tins made of dark metal are suitable.

  • Page 26
    • With fan cooking U you can bake on up to 3 baking trays at the same time: 1 Baking tray: 1 Cake tin: Shelf position 3 Shelf position 1 2 Baking trays: 3 Baking trays: Shelf positions 1 and 4 Shelf positions 1, 3 and 5 General information •…
  • Page 27
    • Bake moist foods (e.g., pizzas, fruit flans) on one level. • When using for the first time, we recommend setting the lower tem- perature, and only if necessary, e.g. if increased browning is required or the cooking time is too long, selecting a higher temperature. •…
  • Page 28: Baking Table

    Baking Table Baking on one shelf position Pizza & Baking S Conventional O Type of Cake or Pastry Time Shelf Tempera- Shelf Po- Tempera- For Both Position ture sition ture Functions from ºC from ºC Hrs.: Mins. Bottom Bottom Baking in tins Ring-shaped cakes 150-160 160-180…

  • Page 29
    Pizza & Baking S Conventional O Type of Cake or Pastry Time Shelf Tempera- Shelf Po- Tempera- For Both Position ture sition ture Functions from ºC from ºC Hrs.: Mins. Bottom Bottom Fruit flan with shortcrust 160-170 170-190 0:40-1:20 pastry base Tarts baked with delicate fillings 0:40-1:20…
  • Page 30
    Baking on several shelf positions Fan cooking U Time Type of cake or pastry Shelf position from bottom Tempera- Hrs.: Mins. ture ºC 2 Levels 3 Levels Baking on baking trays Cream puffs/eclairs 0:35-0:60 160-180 Dry streusel cake 140-160 0:30-0:60 Biscuits Shortcrust biscuits 1/3/5…
  • Page 31: Tips For Baking

    Tips for Baking Push a wooden skewer into the highest point of the To tell if your cake is cooked cake. If the skewer comes out clean, you can switch through off the oven and utilise the residual heat. Check your recipe. Next time use less liquid. Check The cake collapses (is sticky, that you have beaten the mixture for the correct soft in the middle,…

  • Page 32: Pies And Gratin Table

    Pies and Gratin Table Conventional O Rotitherm I Time Shelf Shelf Temp. Temp. Hrs: Mins. position position °C °C from from bottom bottom Pasta bake 180-200 160-170 0:45-1:00 Lasagne 180-200 160-170 0:25-0:40 Vegetables au 200-220 160-170 0:15-0:30 gratin Pizza ba- 200-220 160-170 0:15-0:30…

  • Page 33: Frozen Ready Meals Table

    Frozen Ready Meals Table Food to be Shelf Temperature Time cooked position Oven function from bottom in accordance in accordance Conventional with the Frozen pizza with the maker’s maker’s instruc- instructions tions Chips Rotitherm I 200-220 °C 15-25 Mins. (300-600 g) in accordance in accordance Conventional…

  • Page 34: Roasting

    Roasting Use the rotitherm I oven function or conventional O when roasting. Ovenware for roasting • Any heat-resistant dish is suitable for roasting. • If the dish has plastic handles, check that they are heat-resistant. • Large joints can be roasted directly in the universal baking tray or on the shelf unit with the baking tray placed below (e.g., turkey, goose, 3-4 chickens, 3-4 knuckles of veal.) •…

  • Page 35
    Notes on the roasting tables Information is given in the table on suitable oven functions, tempera- ture settings, cooking times and shelf positions for various types of meat. The cooking times are only for guidance. • We recommend that only meat and fish with a minimum weight of 1kg should be roasted or baked in the oven.
  • Page 36: Table For Roasting

    Table for Roasting Conventional O Rotitherm I Type of Meat Quantity Time Hours: Weight Shelf Po- Tempera- Shelf Tempera- Mins. sition ture Position ture from ºC from ºC Bottom Bottom Beef Pot roast 1-1.5 kg 200-250 2:00-2:30 Roast beef or fil- per cm of thickness per cm of…

  • Page 37
    Conventional O Rotitherm I Type of Meat Quantity Time Hours: Weight Shelf Po- Tempera- Shelf Tempera- Mins. sition ture Position ture from ºC from ºC Bottom Bottom Game Whole piece of hare, up to 1 160-170 0:25-0:40 220-250 haunch or jointed hare Saddle of venison 1.5-2 kg…
  • Page 38: Grilling

    Grilling To grill, use oven function Z for dual grill or F for single grill with temperature setting z . Important: Always preheat the empty oven with the grill function for 5 minutes! Ovenware for grilling • Use the shelf unit and universal tray together for grilling. Shelf positions •…

  • Page 39: Defrosting

    Defrosting Use the defrost oven function for defrosting. Dishes for defrosting • Put the food on a plate and put the plate on the shelf unit. • Use only parchment paper or suitable cling film to cover the food. Do not cover with a plate or bowl as these considerably prolong the de- frosting time.

  • Page 40: Preserving

    Preserving For preserving use the fan cooking U oven function. Preserving jars • Only use commercially available preserving jars (preserving jars with a rubber ring and glass lid) for preserving. • Screw-top jars, jars with a bayonet fastening and metal containers are unsuitable.

  • Page 41: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and Care Exterior of the Appliance Wipe the front of the appliance with a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. • Do not use scourers, caustic cleaners or abrasive items. • You can use commercially available cleaning agents on stainless steel fronts.

  • Page 42: Side Support Rails

    Side Support Rails The side support rails on the left and right hand sides of the oven can be removed for cleaning the side walls. Removing the side support rails 1. Remove screw. 2. Pull the rail at the back away from the oven wall and pivot towards the front (1).

  • Page 43
    Fitting the side support rails Take care when fitting the rails that the rounded ends of the guide rails are pointing forwards! 1. To replace, first insert and fit the rail at the front (1). 2. Pivot the rail towrds the back and insert (2).
  • Page 44: Cleaning With Pyroluxe

    Cleaning with Pyroluxe Warning! The oven becomes very hot during pyroluxe self-cleaning. Keep young children well away from the oven. Important: Before carrying out pyroluxe cleaning the oven must be completely emptied with the exception of the shelf support rails. Also remove the fat filter! If you are using the oven shelf runners obtainable as a special acces- sory, they must be removed before cleaning with pyroluxe.

  • Page 45: Oven Light

    Oven Light Warning: Risk of electric shock! Prior to changing the oven light: – Switch off the oven! – Either remove or switch off the fuses in the fuse box. Replacing the oven light bulb/cleaning the glass 1. Remove the right shelf support rail. 2.

  • Page 46: Oven Door

    Oven Door The oven door of your appliance may be removed for cleaning. Removing the oven door 1. Open the oven door completely. 2. Completely fold back the brass- coloured clamping lever on both door hinges (1). 3. Grip the oven door with both hands on the sidesand close it by about 3/ 4 (2) past its resistance.

  • Page 47: Oven Door Glass

    Oven door glass The oven door is fitted with four sheets of glass set next to one an- other. The inner sheets can be removed for cleaning. Caution: The following steps are to be performed only when the oven door has been removed. If the glass is removed while the door is at- tached, the leighter weight may cause it to spring up and cause injury.

  • Page 48
    Replacing the centre glass plates 1. From above, insert the centre plates obliquely into the retaining frame at the handle, one after another. 2. Lower the centre plates down and push them towards the lower edge of the door as far under the retain- ing frame as they will go.
  • Page 49: What To Do If

    What to do if ..the oven does not heat up? Check whether – the appliance has been switched on, – the time has been set, – all the necessary settings have been made, – the mains fuse (fuse box) has blown or the cooker circuit breaker (at the household power distribution box) has tripped.

  • Page 50
    If you call in customer service to resolve a problem listed in these notes, or to rectify a problem caused by incorrect operation of the appliance, the customer service engineer’s visit will not be free of charge, even during the warranty period. Should you still have problems after reading this information, please contact your specialist dealer or customer service.
  • Page 51: Technical Data

    Technical Data Oven Interior Dimensions Height x Width x Depth 31 cm x 41 cm x 41 cm Capacity (usable capacity) 52 l Regulations, Standards, Directives This appliance meets the following standards: • EN 60 335-1 and EN 60 335-2-6 relating to the safety of electric appliances for household use and similar purposes and •…

  • Page 54: Index

    Index Anti-tip device ….. . 10 Ready meals ……33 Repairs .

  • Page 55: Service

    Service The section «What do I do if…“ lists some faults that you can remedy yourself. Look there first if a fault occurs. Is it a technical fault? Then contact your nearest customer service centre. (Addresses and tele- phone numbers can be found under «Customer Service Centres“.) Always prepare in advance for the discussion.

  • Page 56
    AEG Hausgeräte GmbH Postfach 1036 D-90327 Nürnberg © Copyright by AEG 822 947 461-H-120302-07…

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Многие духовки поставляются с решеткой и противнем. Когда пища готовится на решетке, противень можно ставить на дно, чтобы остатки пищи не пригорали и не задымились.

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Руководство AEG BEM455120M духовой шкаф

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